Linda Goyette

Linda Goyette is a writer, editor and journalist with a strong interest in oral history and contemporary storytelling in Canada. This year I’m traveling to isolated northern communities in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and British Columbia, and throughout the Yukon and Northwest Territories, to collect stories from children and teenagers about their lives in the north – as well as stories from older adults about their own childhoods.

Jan 162013
The founders of Idle No More.

Veteran journalist sees First Nations rebellion as overdue.

by Linda Goyette

I am becoming more and more concerned about the harsh backlash among non-aboriginal Canadians against this peaceful protest movement. I’m not talking exclusively about virulent racial bigotry and hate speech, although it exists in dark places, but more about the willful denial of reality, the blindness to injustice — among many decent people.

These are the people I address tonight. I respect their right to a different opinion, but I hope they will hear me out.

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