United Steelworkers

The USW represents about 850,000 working men and women in Canada and the United States in a wide variety of industries, ranging from glass making to mining, paper, steel, tire and rubber and other manufacturing environments, to the public sector, service and health care industries.

May 152012

NGOs dispute Japan, EU challenge to Canadian renewable energy policy.

from the USW

Canadian NGOs and labour unions have sent an amicus curiae submission to the World Trade Organization (WTO) on the eve of a second hearing tomorrow into Japan's and the European Union's joint attack on the Ontario Green Energy Act. The groups address Canada's failure to properly defend Ontario's actions and call upon the WTO to respect the priority of Canada's international climate change obligations.

"These are the first international trade disputes which create the potential for conflict between a nation's commitments under the WTO and its obligations under the Framework Convention on Climate Change and the Kyoto Protocol. The dispute raises fundamental questions about whether the goals of trade liberalization can be reconciled with ecological imperatives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and if not, which are to prevail," says the joint amicus curiae submission from Blue Green Canada, the Canadian Auto Workers, the Canadian Federation of Students, the Canadian Union of Public Employees, Communications, Energy and Paperworkers union of Canada, the Council of Canadians and the Ontario Public Service Employees Union.

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May 082012
Westray tragedy +20

Despite fatalities, still no prosecutions under Westray Act.

from the USW with YouTube video by Samanthan Bayard

On the 20th anniversary of the Westray Mine explosion, the United Steelworkers union (USW) is launching a renewed effort to ensure enforcement of the 2004 Westray Act, landmark changes to the Criminal Code intended to make corporations, their directors and executives criminally accountable for the health and safety of workers.

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Apr 042012

Alma Quebec hosts massive demonstration in support of Rio Tinto's locked-out workers.

from United Steel Workers

ALMA, March 31, 2012 — Thousands of people marched through the streets of Alma in Lac Saint-Jean today to demand an end to the lock out and to fight for the preservation of jobs at the Rio Tinto Alcan (RTA) smelter. Three months and one day after the multinational corporation's reprehensible lock out of its workers, largely subsidized by public funds, citizens from the region, families, workers and unionists from all over the world have their eyes set on RTA. The General Secretary of the International Metalworkers' Federation (IMF), Jyrki Raina, said an international movement of resistance against this global corporation is imperative.

"Companies such as Rio Tinto need to remember that they are making their profits thanks to the communities in which they are operating. They need to show respect for current and future workers and stop callously cutting labour costs and decent jobs without any regard for the local economy," Raina said.

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Jan 092012

Vale convicted of unfair labour practice in landmark decision of Ontario Labour Board.

from the United Steel Workers

TORONTO, December 23, 2011 — United Steelworkers won a major victory at the Ontario Labour Relations Board (OLRB) against Vale mining company in a case stemming from their year-long strike.

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