Jun 072013

Twin moose calves and mother frisk around a garden sprinkler.

from the Internet


Rural children's play area welcomes hoofed visitors.

Jun 032013

Mash-up showcases animals at their least gracious.

from YouTube

Watch for the cat boxing a dog while riding a Roomba vacuum.

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May 202013

Meet flying cats, scheming dogs, pratfalls, and other clever or not so clever animals. 

from KarmaLoop

Animal antics will make you LOL.

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May 152013

CEO's offensive comments inspire campaign to distribute used Ambercrombie & Fitch clothing to homeless.

by Greg Karber

You're invited to help give A&F a brand adjustment.

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May 112013

Two-way screen on gas pump has customers singing for free gas.

from the Jay Leno show

This couple sure can sing!

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