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May 232012

1812 — the most embarrassing war.

From: B Ross Ashley

This is funny. The Harperites have perhaps forgotten that the other side in that war was their friends the Americans?

My choir, Common Thread, are singing one tune this year that mentions the 1812 – 1815 war in another context, Terry Tufts' "Never No More": We faltered not at Crysler's Farm, held ground at Lundy's Lane; with might and pluck bold vict'ry struck on the shores of Chateauguay; And now they think we have no fight, No pride, no hope, no shame: Never no more, never no more, Never no more, again.

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Mar 202012

Caller said, "Vote Liberal", in NDP riding.

From: bustard, Edmonton

Early on election day we received a call from Edmonton Alberta area code. He asked who I was voting for and I told him its personal, then he told me "If you dont want Steven Harper for prime minister you better vote for the NDP"! Our riding is Esquimalt-Jaun dFuca. Here it was very close PC-Lib riding before… I thought for some reason he wanted me to vote NDP so the Libs would lose a vote. Only thing was the phone campaign worked to well as the NDP got in… but very close. The Libs were all but wiped out. I think the same phone campaign probably went on in Quebec and other areas where Lib-PC's were close previously.