Mar 272012
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"A Black-and-White morality play is not going to solve anything in Africa."

by Phil Taylor the Taylor Report for CIUT

George Clooney wants intervention in Sudan. The Taylor Report interviews David Hoile from the European Sudanese Public Affairs Committee. "People who have been around the block a few times have very little patience for people like George Clooney," suggests Hoile, who delves into the contradictions of Hollywood liberal interventionists, and describes the Sudan border conflict.

Phil then speaks with McGill student organizer Sunci Avlijas, who describes one of the most successful student movements in Canada. At traditionally-silent McGill, students facing an unsustainable financial situation have taken to the streets. Affordable Quebec universities are following the North American pattern, and may ultimately become enclaves of the rich.

Finally, David Heap promotes his upcoming first-hand account of the capture at sea of the Canadian Boat to Gaza, and discusses Parliament's approach to Israel.


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