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The Taylor Report, heard Mondays from 5:00-6:00 pm, is one of CIUT's flagship spoken word programs. Show host and producer Phil Taylor has a long and fascinating history as a social activist and journalist. He grew up in California, but has lived in Canada for the past 30 years. He's been a US Marine, a newspaper journalist, and a television producer. Taylor currently works as an investigator for prominent human rights lawyers including former US Attorney-General and civil rights advocate Ramsey Clark, and Toronto-based Charles Roach. Roach's work as a defense lawyer involved in the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda has given Taylor the opportunity to work in Africa. Website:

Mar 202012

Guest Edward S Herman tackles Pinker's new book.


by Phil Taylor the Taylor Report for CIUT

Professor Edward S Herman dissects Stephen Pinker's book, The Better Angels of our Nature, which suggests that humanity is progressing towards more civilized behaviour. Herman believes that the book is a gift to the ruling class.

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Mar 132012

Also: dire racism in Libya.

by Phil Taylor the Taylor Report for CIUT

Yakov Rabkin, a speaker at the recent Science for Peace anti-war workshop about Iran, has pursued the continuing question over Israel's intentions towards the Islamic Republic. The discussion in the headlines is whether or not Israel might be interested in a pre-emptive attack on the Iran — a discussion alarming in its audacity. Are we dealing with another "Weapons of Mass Distraction" issue?

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Jan 032012

Also: comments on expiration of Vaclav Havel and Christopher Hitchens.

by Phil Taylor the Taylor Report for CIUT

There's been a significant development surrounding Rwanda, and nobody is talking about it: the UN High Commissioner on Refugees is going to scrap refugee status for thousands of Rwandans. Rhoda Nsama, from the migrant community board in Zambia and Amnesty International, joins the program to discuss whether officials are defining refugees properly, and how refugees from Angola and Congo are being left out of the agreement.

Phil Conlon provides an update on the YRT strike. Then, David Jacobs comments on the hagiography of Vaclav Havel, with reminders about Havel's restrictions on labour unions and his attack on left-wing politics. He was always ready to support the United States, though.

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