Sep 042012
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Re: Alberta clashes with BC Premier

from CalgarySandy

I have thought about this for a while, thinking at first that BC should get something out of this dangerous pipeline being driven through multiple mountain ranges and protected lands. A share in the profit from Alberta goes against the constitution. Resources belong to the province not the the whole country, though the Federal Government has tried to over turn this around in order to grab the income from the provinces.


Transfer payments are the vehicle for sharing the wealth with the country and letting the Federal Government determine which province get what. Alas, the province of Alberta does not charge a reasonable royalty on resources or a taxes on corporate income. Alberta does not share the wealth with its own citizens much less Canada. Our Premier shows what kind of a government we have: arrogant refusal to be even civil on the subject.

BC should go after the oil and pipeline companies instead of Alberta.

As the Constitution will not be changed, I suggest that BC charge the pipeline company rent on the land, with a rider that it has to be continually watched for breaks and any disturbance to wild life has to be addressed immediately. BC should go after the oil and pipeline companies instead of Alberta. I don't care for anything about Alberta's stance on giving our resources to foreign companies and I am very angry about how none of the income trickles down to the poor, the ill, the old and education.

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