May 272013
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Canadians should keep a close eye on whom the PM appoints next.

by Ish Theilheimer

Richard Nixon accomplished many things in his life, but he will be most remembered for the words "I am not a crook." This is Framing Error Number 1. To deny is to confirm.

The ghost of Nixon has been busy in Canada of late. Hear his echo in the words of Senators Duffy, Wallin, and Harb: "I did not cheat on my expense claims."

Then there's the PM, whose nose (excuse the mixed metaphor) grows with each prevarication: Duffy is honourable. Wright is honourable. Wright has my confidence. And then: I didn't know nothin'. There are bad people among us. I'm angry!

Another fervent denier is of course, Toronto mayor Rob Ford: I do not use crack (not "I've never"). I am not an addict.

Denials are damning. These are more damning than most. Harper and Ford are very seriously damaged politicians.

Oh good. Toronto's mayor is not an addict. He says so, and his own brother says so. His own brother, who says he himself was never a drug dealer, says the mayor is not an addict.

Denials are damning. These are more damning than most. Harper and Ford are very seriously damaged politicians. Each may have the time to recover — Harper has, in fact, three years before he is legally obliged to run — but at this point, neither has any credibility, as a result of serial scandals, controversies and embarassments for, respectively, Canada and its biggest city.

It may be fun to watch the bullies suffer public humiliation, but each can do immense damage in terms of appointments and executive actions before they face the electorate again. Citizens need to be alert. The Auditor-General needs to be alert. Consider last week's revelation that Harper's EI board appointees have been illegally funnelling donations to the Conservative Party.

The RCMP should indeed be called in to investigate the Harper-Wright-Duffy Affair and the whole Senate mess. And, at the same time, Canadians should be closely following the practices of Harper's appointees and reporting shady practices to the Mounties, in order to prevent Harper leaving too much scorched earth behind him.

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