Jun 202013
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New coalition kicks off "Solidarity Summer" with two days of action.

from Idle No More

Across Canada concerns are growing over the Harper Government’s legitimacy to rule and the complete disregard for our democratic rights by this government. Concerned Canadians from coast to coast to coast have stepped forward to organize several days of public demonstration against the Harper Government in response to their abuse of power.

The National Stop Harper Campaign is the name of this citizen-driven movement.< We are collaborating with groups like Idle No More, Council of Canadians, American Indian Movement, Peace Alliance and Occupy as part of “Solidarity Summer.”

June 28 is National Stop Harper Day. July 1 is Save Canada Day.

This is our second annual event as we hosted a National Stop Harper Day last year in 11 cities on July 1st. This year we already have 22 cities and we are still growing. On June 15th we had a Twitter storm to spread the word of our events and were pleasantly surprised when it was trending in the top three all day Saturday.

There will be two Canada-wide days of action as part of the National Stop Harper Campaign strategy:

June 28 is NationalStopHarperDay

Demonstrations calling for the removal of the Harper government during the 2013 Conservative Party of Canada Convention being held June 27-29 in Calgary, Alberta. Solidarity events hosted all across Canada in support. These days of demonstrations will demand Stephen Harper to step down as Prime Minister and that a fair election be called as is guaranteed in our Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

July 1st is NationalSaveCanadaDay.

Demonstrations calling on all people of Canada to stand up and to help Save Canada. There are 19 cities signed up with events all across Canada with the focus of rallying, educating and celebrating what is still good about Canada and what needs to change.


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