Oct 162012

Here's what some of our readers have told us about SGNews.

Why we need straight goods
1. We need news without the usual press bias.
2. We need news that cannot be found elsewhere.
3. We need news not influenced by government spin doctors.
4. We need news that goes beyond manufactured press releases.
Thanks for doing a great job,
Paulus Vrijmoed, Langley, BC

I appreciate receiving thoughtful input written by people who clearly
share my value system. The CBC TV, upon which I relied in the past,
has become entertainment more than news and does not report in any
comprehensive way about the issues in Canada nor around the world.
Thanks for your good work.
Sue Beasley, Nanaimo, BC

This is the best way to get news that matters. The articles are
complete and written by people who are allowed to show that they care
about the social conditions of our nations and our planet. The
articles are also written so that those of us who are not experts on
the topic can understand the core of the matter, and can build their
world views on them. If most Canadians read the StraightGoods I think
our politicians would be more observant in their duties.
Janet Vickers, Gabriola BC

I value StraightGoods for the information and commentary it's so hard
to find anywhere else.

I am so pleased with all the good work you are doing. Now I will
cancel my subscription to my local Sun Media newspaper. I can
tolerate it no longer!
Marie Della Vedova, Sault Ste. Marie Ontario

I've truly appreciated reading your Straight Goods News keeping me
better informed about issues than the MSM does.

Great reading. Straight goods and journalists…so tired of the spam
scam journalism canned from governments.
Gayle McIntyre, on Facebook

Thanks for all the great work you and your colleagues are doing with
Straight Goods. It is such a relief to have these other perspectives.
Al Sharp, Hamilton, ON

I do much appreciate with Straight Goods is doing to defend the
freedom of speech and writing as the extremists in both Canada and
the United States are bent on turning our countries into theocratic states.
James Armstrong, Thornbury, ON

SG continues to provide excellent information, perspectives.
Eric Hustvedt, Broad Cove, NS

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Oct 162012

Straight Goods News' mission is to be Canada's independent, progressive media outlet of record.

Straight Goods News carries reports from all over Canada and the world, with a special emphasis on under-represented voices and views from the progressive side of the political spectrum.

Since we launched in 2000, our mandate has grown.

The original mandate of Straight Goods News was to help readers untangle spin, save money, and protect their rights.

We now exist to provide responsible, diverse coverage that provides the Canadians with the information they need.

Straight Goods News brings readers and viewers progressive analysis and puts the news into context. 



Oct 032012

A Persuading to Win workshop featuring Terry O'Reilly

February 22-23, Courtyard by Marriott, Downtown Toronto

Think unions can't improve their image?  Think it's hopeless to even try? Don't bother reading more of this.

But if you think a better image will help unions elect more worker-friendly governments, win more public support for strikes, make organizing easier and build more membership commitment to labour's agenda, keep reading.

As union activists increasingly acknowledge, something must be done now about labour's image. The Harper government has taken a bare-knuckle approach to labour rights and is backing "dues disclosure" legislation that would serve to increase union costs and reduce services to their members. The Rand Formula could be next in Harper's sights. We're seeing the same threat of union-profiling in Saskatchewan with Brad Wall's musings about ending check-off.

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Oct 022012

We clearly have a problem in the labour movement…

"We clearly have a problem in the labour movement. If we're going to be successful in fighting back, we have to have conversations like this.."

– Gil McGowan, President, Alberta Federation of Labour


YouTube Preview Image


"It was a great event with wonderful speakers. We came to the realization that we need to adapt our communications … I loved Terry O'Reilly's presentation on rebuilding our message, repositioning ourselves. He showed that it can be done."

– Francine Filion, Director of Communications, Canadian Teachers' Federation


YouTube Preview Image


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Oct 022012
Friday, February 22
1:00 pm Introduction and preview of the day's work Ish Theilheimer
Publisher, Straight Goods News
1:15 pm What's a brand? How do you build, sustain and revive a brand? Dan Aronchick
President, Out-Think Inc
2:00 pm Winning the air war – Improving labour's image on TV [and other screens] Allan Bonner
TV coach and consultant
2:45 pm Break  
3:00 pm
Clinic with Allan Bonner    OR    Dan Aronchick
Paticipants may choose either
Allan Bonner
Dan Aronchick
3:30 pm
Clinic with Allan Bonner    OR    Dan Aronchick
Paticipants may choose either
Allan Bonner
Dan Aronchick
4:00 pm Yes, you can change your image Terry O'Reilly
Host, Under the Influence (CBC, American Public Radio)
5:00 pm Questions and answers with Terry O'Reilly Terry O'Reilly
6:00 pm Reception and buffet dinner  
7:30 pm Keynote speech
If the labour movement were my client…
Robin Spears
Principal, Earnscliffe Strategy Group
8:30 pm Questions and answers with Robin Sears Robin Spears
8:45 pm Reception (cash bar)  
Saturday, February 23
8:30 am Preview of the day's work Ish Theilheimer
Publisher, Straight Goods News
8:45 Conquering fear of unions: what psychologists know about labour's image, anxiety and persuasion Margo C Watt
Department of Psychology St Francis Xavier University
Author of Overcoming the Fear of Fear
9.15 am Your members are your marking team:
Re-positioning and the evidence-based union image-building system that works
Marc Zwelling
President, The Vector Poll™
10:15 am Break  
10:30 am Clinic with Clinic with Margo C Watt OR Marc Zwelling
Paticipants may choose either
Margo C Watt
Marc Zwelling
11:15 am Clinic with Clinic with Margo C Watt OR Marc Zwelling
Paticipants may choose either
Margo C Watt
Marc Zwelling
11:45 am Let's hear from you:
Image-reviving ideas generated in small groups
Ish Theilheimer and participants
12:30 pm Working buffet lunch  
1:00 pm Feedback from the idea groups Ish Theilheimer
1:30 pm Evaluation and feedback Participants
1:45 pm Wrap-up and adjourn Ish Theilheimer


Oct 012012
Terry O'Reilly

Host, CBC Radio Under the Influence.

Terry O'Reilly's best-selling book—The Age of Persuasion: How Marketing Ate Our Culture— and CBC radio shows introduced him to millions. But in the ad world he already was famous after a career as an award-winning copywriter for Campbell-Ewald, Doyle Dane Bernbach and Chiat/Day, and co-founder of the creative audio production company Pirate Radio & Television (it has a staff of 50, with recording studios in Toronto and New York City).      


Margo C Watt
Department of Psychology, St. Francis Xavier University
Author: Overcoming the Fear of Fear

 Dr Watt is a clinical psychologist whose research interests include disorders, control and personality issues, domestic violence, and women offenders. She teaches Introductory Psychology, Abnormal Psychology, and Forensic Psychology and works with Correctional Service Canada. Her book centres on helping people master anxiety and fears. She has served as co-editor of the newsletter of the Clinical Section of the Canadian Psychological Association.     


Robin Sears



Senior Partner, Earnscliffe Strategies Group

Robin is a senior communications and public affairs advisor with experience in healthcare, financial services, media and in international democratic development on three continents. He was national director of the New Democratic Party. Navigator specializes in crisis communications and image recovery. Robin was the first Asia president of the pioneering digital search firm Futurestep. He is a senior writer for Policy Options magazine and a regular guest on CBC Newsworld's Politics.              


Marc Zwelling

President, Vector Research

Marc Zwelling is president and founder of Vector Research and The Vector Poll™, an ongoing public opinion research project involving a collaboration of national and provincial unions. Vector Research and Development Inc is a full-service market and opinion research company and has worked in the private and public sectors for over 20 years.


Dan Aronchick

Dan Aronchick is the president of Out-Think Inc., a Toronto-based innovative marketing company. He taught Marketing at the Schulich School of Business at York University for 15 years, where he developed the first Canadian course on Creative Idea Generation. A “packaged goods” marketer for 20 years, Aronchick is the former director of marketing at Unilever and started his career at Procter & Gamble. His past clients include Royal Bank, Kraft, Harlequin and Molson. Recently, clients include ECW Press and the Humber School of Creative and Performing Arts.


Dr Allan Bonner

Allan Bonner has coached approximately 30,000 people to deal with some of the most controversial and public issues of our time. He has worked with heads of government, G7 and UN delegations, the WTO, NATO as well as CEO’s and diplomats around the world. He has recently worked in Hong Kong, Seoul, Tokyo, Bangkok, Beijing, Singapore, Canberra, Budapest, Geneva, Bled, most American States and all Canadian Provinces.


Apr 302012

Election results show a different face of Alberta.

by Penney Kome

From reading Facebook, you'd think that most of Canada heaved a huge sigh of relief when Alberta's election results came in — and then promptly forgot about the province. In fact, a dear friend reports that the local East Coast newspaper carried a headline about the Alberta election but there was no story attached.

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