Oct 162012
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Here's what some of our readers have told us about SGNews.

Why we need straight goods
1. We need news without the usual press bias.
2. We need news that cannot be found elsewhere.
3. We need news not influenced by government spin doctors.
4. We need news that goes beyond manufactured press releases.
Thanks for doing a great job,
Paulus Vrijmoed, Langley, BC

I appreciate receiving thoughtful input written by people who clearly
share my value system. The CBC TV, upon which I relied in the past,
has become entertainment more than news and does not report in any
comprehensive way about the issues in Canada nor around the world.
Thanks for your good work.
Sue Beasley, Nanaimo, BC

This is the best way to get news that matters. The articles are
complete and written by people who are allowed to show that they care
about the social conditions of our nations and our planet. The
articles are also written so that those of us who are not experts on
the topic can understand the core of the matter, and can build their
world views on them. If most Canadians read the StraightGoods I think
our politicians would be more observant in their duties.
Janet Vickers, Gabriola BC

I value StraightGoods for the information and commentary it's so hard
to find anywhere else.

I am so pleased with all the good work you are doing. Now I will
cancel my subscription to my local Sun Media newspaper. I can
tolerate it no longer!
Marie Della Vedova, Sault Ste. Marie Ontario

I've truly appreciated reading your Straight Goods News keeping me
better informed about issues than the MSM does.

Great reading. Straight goods and journalists…so tired of the spam
scam journalism canned from governments.
Gayle McIntyre, on Facebook

Thanks for all the great work you and your colleagues are doing with
Straight Goods. It is such a relief to have these other perspectives.
Al Sharp, Hamilton, ON

I do much appreciate with Straight Goods is doing to defend the
freedom of speech and writing as the extremists in both Canada and
the United States are bent on turning our countries into theocratic states.
James Armstrong, Thornbury, ON

SG continues to provide excellent information, perspectives.
Eric Hustvedt, Broad Cove, NS

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