Linda McQuaig

Linda McQuaig is a journalist and author. Her most recent book is The Trouble with Billionaires, (co-authored with Neil Brooks). This column originally appeared in The Toronto Star. eMail:


Nov 212012

The world’s most powerful corporations are blocking the path to a green future.

by Linda McQuaig

In the interest of fighting climate change, most of us avoid buying SUVs — fortress-like vehicles that aren’t necessary unless one intends to take the whole family for a spin through downtown Baghdad.

Most of us also recycle and keep the thermostat low. However, these gestures are doing almost nothing to stop the warming of the planet.

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Oct 232012

Romney gave us a glimpse into the chummy men's club that runs the world.

by Linda McQuaig

One of the least scary things about Mitt Romney is that, when he was trying to figure out who to appoint to his cabinet in Massachusetts, he ordered up “binders full of women.”

So the rumpus over his remark in last week’s US presidential debate seems odd. After all, as MSNBC host Chris Hayes noted, what Romney did amounted to affirmative action (even if he had to be goaded to do it by a women’s coalition).

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Sep 252012
The Romney video exposed the cynicism and greed that lies at the heart of what is now called "conservatism."

Romney blurts out the truth about neo-conservatism.

by Linda MacQuaig

Ironically, in the now-famous video that seems likely to end his political career, it could be said that Mitt Romney was speaking truth to power.

Of course, “speaking truth to power” is a phrase normally used to describe courageous souls who risk their own hides to take a principled stand challenging those in power — not exactly what Mitt was doing.

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Aug 292012

Downscaling wages counterproductive.

by Linda McQuaig

Now that we’ve discarded our garbage workers by the side of the road, I guess we can all feel better.

The lime green private garbage trucks rolling through the western half of the city allow us to send a powerful message to all public sector workers: in these tough economic times, don’t expect to enjoy niceties like job security.

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Jul 102012

Austerity is an ideological need, not an economic one.

In the early 1990s, CTV broadcaster Eric Malling told Canadians the sad tale of a baby hippo shot by authorities at a New Zealand zoo.

Sad, but apparently necessary, Malling suggested in a special broadcast from down under. After all, New Zealand had big deficits, so there was no money to expand the hippo pen. What was a country to do but blow the newborn hippo away?

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Jun 052012

Stephen Harper government turns environmentalists into public enemies.

by Linda McQuaig

Nicole Eaton may be Canada's Mitt Romney.

The Republican presidential candidate comes across as a wealthy patrician with little sense of how tough the world can be for people who don't have tens of millions of dollars at their disposal.

That tendency also seems to afflict Eaton, a wealthy Conservative fundraiser appointed to the Senate by Stephen Harper. She's a leading figure in the Harper government's campaign to go after environmental activist groups aggressively by threatening their charitable status.

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May 082012
Quebec students challenge dogma

Subsidizing education creates workers to carry pension costs.

by Linda McQuaig

No wonder those Quebec student protestors have been spooking the English Canadian establishment. If they get their way, the same ideas could catch on here, leaving the best-laid plans for austerity in tatters.

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Apr 252012

NDP's Andrea Horwath reclaims social contract.

by Linda McQuaig

It's hard to fight a class war without a billionaire onside. Hence Andrea Horwath's dilemma.

The Ontario NDP leader has thrown down a gauntlet of sorts — demanding, or at least politely requesting — that Dalton McGuinty's Liberal minority impose a new slightly higher tax rate on Ontarians making more than $500,000 a year.

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Apr 182012

Harperites fib about F-35 costs while imposing "austerity" budget.

by Linda McQuaig

There's a striking photo of Ronald Reagan and members of his inner circle, cocktails in hand, practically doubled over with laughter.

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Mar 132012

Widespread voter suppression big league for Canada.

by Linda McQuaig

Perhaps it's our Canadian modesty that prevents us from thinking we could have a scandal as big-league and important as Watergate.

But that modesty may be misplaced.

When it comes to democracy, nothing is more basic than the citizen's right to vote. So the deliberate attempt to prevent voters from casting their ballots amounts to a stake through the faintly-beating heart of democracy as surely as attempting to wiretap the headquarters of a rival political party.

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