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Sponsors (17)
Canadian Union of Postal Workers Canadian Union of Postal Workers
Canadian Union of Public Employees Canadian Union of Public Employees
CEP – SaskCouncil
Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union of Canada – Saskatchewan Area Council
Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario
National Union of Public and General Employees National Union of Public and General Employees
Ontario Society (Coalition) of Senior Citizens' Organizations
Ontario English Catholic Teachers Association Ontario English Catholic Teachers Association
Ontario Public Service Employees Union Ontario Public Service Employees Union
Ontario Secondary School Teachers Federation Ontario Secondary School Teachers Federation
OSSTF / FEESO – Protecting and enhancing public education
Public</p><br />
<p>Service Alliance of Canada Public Service Alliance of Canada
PSAC – a national union of Canadian workers
Saskatchewan Federation of Labour Saskatchewan Federation of Labour
Saskatchewan Union of Nurses Saskatchewan Union of Nurses
Service</p><br />
<p> Employees International Union Canada Service Employees International Union Canada
United</p><br />
<p>Steelworkers United Steelworkers
United</p><br />
<p>Steelworkers - District 6 United Steelworkers – District 6
Vector Research + Development Inc. Vector Research + Development Inc.
Opinion / market research and strategy
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Aboriginal/Indigenous/First Nations (8)
  Eastern Door – Kahnawake Mohawks Nation

Gathering Place First Nations News  

  Indigenous Co-operative on the Environment
  Nunatsiaq News from Nunavut
  The New TFN (Five Nations) – Tobique, NB
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Academic issues (17)
  Academic Matters Journal via OCUFA
  AnarchistU Free University
  Annals of Improbable Research
  Athatbasca University – distance education
  Campaign for a French-language college
  Campaign for Public Education
  Canadian Association of University Teachers

Canadian Federation of Students

Downs Syndrome teaching methods


Down with that

Free university lectures online

  Index on Censorship
  Online PhD Degree Programs
  Open Thesis – theses and dissertations
  People for Education

Second Nature

Teaching students with Downs Syndrome

  the Parkland Institute
  U of T Centre for Urban and Community Studies
  Why proofread?
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Bush parodies (11)
  All Hat No Cattle
  Bush protest art
  Dubya Says
  Free Pressed
  Mark Fiores' cartoons
  President's Intern Blog
  Smirking Chimp
  The Blue Republic
  The Last Laugh
  Too stupid to be president
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Business (21)
Ahti Tolvanen, MSc Ahti Tolvanen, MSc
Member: Social Investment Organization
  Canadian Index of Well-Being
  Canadian Worker Cooperative Federation
  Citizens Bank of Canada VISA
  COMER – Committee on Monetary & Economic Reform
  CorpWatch's war profiteers
  CSR Wire – Corporate Social Responsibility News
  Ethical Corporation
  F*cked Company
  Fair Trade Federation
  Fair Trade Toronto
  Freecycle Canada
  Halifax Initiative
  Ontario Co-operative Association
  Outlook Financial
  Real Assets Investment Management
  Social Funds: SRI info
  Sucheta Rajagopal
Socially-Responsible Investing
  The Bubble directory of ethical businessnes
  Transfair Canada
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Cultural organizations (16)
  AfroCuban Web
  Bill Fisher's Art Department
  Black History month events / info
  Canada Council for the Arts
  Creative Commons
  Creators' Rights Alliance – Canada's culture online
  Documentary Organization of Canada
  Dooney's Cafe
  Francis Coppola's Zoetrope
  Periodical Writers Association of Canada
  Sarah McLaughlin's music video
  Syracuse Cultural Workers
  The Banff Centre
  The Writers Union of Canada
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Environment (78)
  About My Planet
  American Community Gardening Association
  An Inconvenient Truth – movie trailer
  Architects/Designers/Planners/Social Responsibil
  Blue Climate
  BuildingGreen, Inc
  Canada's Action on Climate Change
Government of Canada official website
  Canadian Boreal Initiative
  Care 2 com environmental portal and e cards
  City Farmer
  Climate Change Action Network
  Climate Change Map from Union of Scientists…
  Climate Change Solutions
  Community Greens
  Co-op America
  David Suzuki Foundation
  Earth Vision
  EcoSchools Design
  EnviroLink Network
  Environment Directory
  Environmental Defence
  Environmental Working Group
  European Environment Agency
  FundersNetwork/ SmartGrowth/Livable Communities
  Global Public Media
  Global warming facts and our future (interactive
  Green Focus
  Green Left
  Greener Choices
  Greener Choices (Consumer Reports)
  Greener Steps
  Greenopolis – guide to an eco-friendly life
  Greenpeace Canada
  GreenPeace International
  Hybrid Owners of America
  Intergovernment Panel on Climate Change
  International Rivers Network
  Keeper Springs Riverkeepers bottled water
  Livable Landscapes: By Chance or By Choice?
  Missoula Institute for Sustainable Transportatio
  Nat'l Institute of Environmental Health Sciences
  Natural Resources Defense Council
  Nuclear Information and Resource Service
  Offsetters carbon credits
  Orion Magazine
  Pew Centre on Global Climate Change
  Planet Friendly
  Rachel's News
  Rachel's Precaution Reporter
  Rainforest Action Network
  Real Climate
  Relief Web – tracking disasters
  Rex Weyler
  Safe Cosmetics
  Save Our Environment
  Science & Environmental Health Network
  Science Magazine – AAAS
  Sea Sheperd
  Sierra Club
  Smart Growth Network
  Sustain Lane people-powered sustainability guide
  The Green Schools Initiative report
  The Healthy Schools Network
  the Heat is On
  The Northwest Earth Institute
  The Project for Public Spaces
  TrashTalk columns and book
  TREC Clean power from deserts
  United Nations Environment Program
  Urban Habitat
  Walkable Communities
  West Coast Environmental Law
  World Watch Institute
  ZERI – Zero Emissions Research and Initiatives
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Gender issues (20)
  BlogHer – where the women bloggers are
  Canadian Research Institute for Women
  Canadian Women's Internet Directory
  Canadian Women's Virtual Information Centre
  Cool Women virtual women's museum
  Egale Canada
  Equal Marriage
  Feminist Majority
  Global Women's Strike
  Iranian Queer Organization
  Take back the tech
  The Myth of Female Sexual Dysfunction
  The Original Mother's Day
  Womens' Justice Center
  Women's Policy, Action, Research List
  World March of Women
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Health (28)
  Alliance for Health Research Protection
  Be Med Wise (OTC drugs)
Canadian Generic Pharmaceutical Association Canadian Generic Pharmaceutical Association
Quality, Affordable, Generic Medicines by Canadians for Canadians
  Canadian Health Network
  Canadian Women's Health Network
  Chiropractor Health Tips Library
  Complementary and Alternative Medicine
  Dr Andrew Weill
  Drug Information (USA) –
Awareness of prescriptions, over-the-counter drugs and their side effects.
  La Guardia Committee Report [on marihuana]
  Latina Health Project
  Merck's Manual – First Aid
  Mesothelioma & Asbestos Awareness Center
  Mesothelioma Cancer Center
  Mesothelioma Web
  National Library of Health – PubMed
Ontario Society (Coalition) of Senior Citizens' Organizations
  Ontario Health Coalition
  People's Health Movement
  Profit is not the cure
  Rx List (pharmaceutical information)
  Stop Local Health Integration Networks campaign
  What Older Women Want (WOW) Health
  Worst Pills
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Humour (28)
  A Joke A Day
  Animation Farm: Drugs I Need video
  Borowitz Report (humour)
  Dilbert comic strip
  Flying Spaghetti Monster – universe creator
  How your cursor really works
  King Features Comics
  Left brain / right brain coordination
  Legal Humour
  Meantoons by John Meaney
  Podictionary – the podcast for word lovers
  Political Videogames about Bush Administration
  Post Secret – worthwhile graphic postcards
  Prairie Home Companion – Pretty Good Jokes
  Shake the snowglobe
  Stuck at the Prom – with duct tape
  The BUlwer-Lytton Fiction Contest
  The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
  The Official Peanuts Website
  The Onion
  Troubletown cartoons
  Turn-left religious merchandise
  Ucomics on Uexpress
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Independent news (98)
  $pread magazine for sex trade workers
  "The Other Side" radio program
  American News Project libertarians opposed to imperialism
  Aristide and the Endless Revolution (movie)
  Ars Technica, the art of technology
  Bill Moyers Journal race, culture and society
  Bourque Watch
  Briarpatch Magazine
  Canadian Catholic News
  Capitol Hill Blue
  Center for Media and Democracy
  Clickpress free newswire
  Color Lines
  Common Dreams
  Counter Punch
  Counterweight (conservative)
  Crescent online – Islamic newsmagazine
  Crooks and Liars
  Dahr Jamail's Iraq Dispatches
  Daily Kos
  Democracy Now!
  Democratic Underground
  Dollars and Sense Magazine of Economic Justice
  Electronic Iraq
  Emperor's New Clothes
  Fast Forward Weekly
  From the Wilderness
  Georgia Straight
  Guerilla News Network
  Harper's Magazine
  Hour Magazine
  In These Times
  Independent Voice
  Information Clearing House – news syndication
  International Socialist Review
  Jezebel – a different kind of women's magazine
  KBOO independent radio
Linda McQuaig Linda McQuaig
Canadian journalist and bestselling author
Latest book: It's the Crude, Dude
  MiningWatch Canada
  Moscow Times
  MotherJones Magazine
  New Left Review
  Newstarget cartoons
  Nunatsiaq News
  Oceanus magazine about oceans
  Organizing for Autonomous Telecomms
  Peace Earth and Justice News
  Peace, Environment, Justice News
  PR Watch – Center for Media and Democracy
  Pro Publica investigative news
  Progressive Bloggers
  Progressive Review
  Religion News Service
  Scientific American
  Silicon Valley News
  Spectrezine European left magazine
  Sydney Morning News
  Talking Points Memo
  Tariq Ali's website – editor of New Left Review
  The Black Commentator
  The Daily Beast, by Tina Brown
  The Free Arab Voice
  The Huffington Post
  The Nation
  The New Internationalist
  The New Yorker
  The Progress Report
  The Progressive
  The Real News – Independent World Television
  the Tyee
  The Women's International Perspective
  This Magazine
  Tom Dispatch – the nation blogger
  Tom Paine
  War Times
  Watershed Sentinel
  We Canadians
  Wiretap magazine for a new generation
  Women's E-News
  Working for Change
  World News Network
  Z Magazine
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International development (13)
  Canadian International Development Agency
  Critical Voices on World Banking
  Global Exchange
  Look Deeper for sustainable development
  MATCH International
  NGO Abroad
  North American Congress on Latin America
  Pamoja Tujenge
  Washington Office on Latin America
  World Trade Organization
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Journalism resources (22)
  Canadian Association of Journalists
  Canadian journalists
  Canadians for Democratic Media
  Center for Public Integrity
  Churner Prize
  Columbia Journalism Review
  Institute for War & Peace Reporting
  Journalism and Women Symposium (JAWS)
  Journalist Express
  J-source by the Canadian Journalism Foundation
  Julian Sher's JournalismNet
  Media Transparency
  Online Journalism Review
  Pew Center for Civic Journalism
  Pew Center for People and the Press
  Regret the Error
  Ryerson Review of Journalism
  Spin cycles — CBC series on PR
  The Journalism Doctor John Miller
  The Public Interest Advocacy Centre
  Urbana-Champaign Independent Media Center
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Labour issues (25)
  American Rights at Work
  Asbestos resources
  Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safe
  Canadian Injured Workers Association
  Canadian Injured Workers Society
  Coalition of Immokalee Workers
  Community of Injured Workers in Canada
  Confined Space: Jordan Barab's OHS blog
  Consequences of Work Injury
  Hazards Magazine – workers safety reference
  IJOEH – Jrnl Occu & Enviro Health
  International Labour Rights Organization
  Jobs with Justice
  Justice @ Work
  Labor Notes
  Monthly Review
  Multinational Monitor
  Our Times
  Thunder Bay Injured Workers Association