Nov 162012
Producers Roundtable Ontario (PRO) is asking Telefilm Canada to respond to funding concerns
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Ontario producers want better funding for emerging talent.

from the Producers Roundtable Ontario
 Toronto: Producers Roundtable Ontario (PRO), a group of film, TV and digital media producers, is today asking Telefilm Canada to respond to concerns about funding and building capacity in industry.

"The success of Ontario's — and Canada's — film industry has always been based on the visions, innovations and talents of our up and coming talent…people who are just getting into the business," says Wyeth Clarkson, producer and PRO spokesperson."It's what has set us apart. We're afraid Telefilm's proposed funding-criteria changes will cut people out before they get a start…and the long-term impact this will have on the business."

We’re afraid Telefilm’s proposed funding-criteria changes will cut people out before they get a start…and the long-term impact this will have on the business.

 Telefilm's proposals are based on a Success Index that heavily favours previous commercial success. PRO believes those with little or no track record of strong box-office sales will find the qualifying bar set too high, but has not been able to discuss these concerns in a meaningful way with Telefilm.
 PRO will offer to work with Telefilm to address these matters at a meeting this week, and at Telefilm's annual meeting at TIFF Bell Lightbox, Cinema 3 on November 15.
"Years ago Canada's music industry had strong support from the ground level up, and today we're major players on the world stage, says Clarkson."We can do the same thing with film and digital media, but Telefilm Canada and our federal and provincial governments will have to find better ways to support emerging talent."
 Producers Roundtable of Ontario (PRO) is the voice of Ontario content producers.  PRO was formed eight years ago to promote the interests of filmmakers in Ontario.
 PRO now represents a diverse producer community spanning cultural and entertaining content in domestic feature films and international co-productions, documentaries, first-time projects, television and digital media. Representing more than 40 Canadian content companies that are actively involved in the entertainment sector, PRO supports the role its members play in establishing the Ontario entertainment industry globally.

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