Feb 212013
Ezra Levant.
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Tell the CRTC not to put Sun TV in basic cable package

from Public Response

You won’t believe this, but if you subscribe to cable TV, you may soon find yourself paying for Sun TV… whether you want to or not. 

“Fox News North” is losing $17 million every month because so few Canadians want to watch its neo-conservative shows, run by hosts like Ezra Levant. Now Sun Media Corporation is asking the CRTC to force cable providers such as Rogers and Bell to carry Sun TV, and then to force you to pay for it through your monthly subscription bill.

If the CRTC agrees, then Sun Media Corporation will pocket enough to continue broadcasting its right wing, pro-Harper propaganda 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

As the Huffington Post reported, Sun TV host Brian Lilley has asked anti-abortion supporters across Canada to support the channel's CRTC application. "Sun News is the strongest voice for the pro-life cause on television in Canada. Bar none," Lilley told the anti-abortion site LifesiteNews.

Let's alert other Canadians to what is happening, and tell the CRTC you don’t support Sun TV’s biased programming or its special application. Here's what you can do:

If you have

Don't Force Me To Pay For Sun TV

  • 2 mins: Forward this email to five friends, right away.
  • 5 mins: Visit Public Response for easy instructions to register your opposition to the Sun Media application with the CRTC. Deadline is February 27, 2013!


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